Release Roundup: January 2020

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We got right into it this year with the January 1st release of Tales of Good Dogs and just kept going with some great releases, announcements, and meeting many of you at Midwinter:

  • Scarred Lands: Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad, Part 1: PDF via DriveThruRPG
  • Trinity Continuum: Æon: Æon Ready-Made Characters: advance PDF via DriveThruRPG
  • Realms of Pugmire: Tales of Good Dogs: eBook and print-on-demand via DriveThruFiction
  • Mage: The Ascension: Book of the Fallen: PDF and print-on-demand via DriveThruRPG
  • Changeling: The Dreaming: Immortal Eyes 4: Cup of Dreams: Kindle eBook via Amazon, Nook eBook via B&N



Scarred Lands products for Pathfinder (the Scarred Lands Players Guide and The Wise & The Wicked 2nd Edition) are upwards of 90% off from Indie Press Revolution! Both products are an incredible $5 each!

Kickstarter Update

The Kickstarter for Cults of the Blood Gods for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition finished this month! After hitting its $25,000 funding goal in just 47 minutes (and doubling it in under 10 hours), we currently at $150,391, or 501%. Thanks to our 2594 backers! We hit the following stretch goals:

  • Trail of Bone and Ashes: The Ties That Bind, a playable Hecata story; Old Wounds, exploring the enmity between the Cappadocians, Lamiae, Giovanni, Samedi, and Harbingers; Open Your Eyes: an examination of Golconda; The Wellspring: wherein the coterie take over an abandoned cult
  • Blood Gods Backer T-Shirt
  • Blood Gods Desktop Wallpaper
  • Forbidden PathsPathways to Power: cults dedicated to power through fear, influence, or devotion, including worshipers of the Nictuku, errant houses within the Tremere, and the ancestral obsession of the Ventrue. Dreams of Golconda: A number of cults who believe they alone know the path to Golconda. Eschatological Thought: About those cultists who want to bring an end to everything. Ruinous Beliefs: Infernalist vampires.
  • Faithful Undead: Undead Disciples: Storyteller characters. Cultish Collectives: Sample coteries. Blood-caked Loresheets: Cultish loresheets
  • Art budget increase & creative team reward x2!

Coming soon to Kickstarter: Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition

Did you miss one of our previous Kickstarters? The following Kickstarted products are still open for preorders via BackerKit:

Community Spotlight

The following community-created content for Scarred Lands has been added to the Slarecian Vault in the last month:

The Storypath Nexus is now open to Trinity Continuum and Æon products! The following community-created content for Storypath has been added to the Storypath Nexus in the last month:

The following community-created content for Realms of Pugmire has been added to Canis Minor in the last month: