Summer of Darkness and Cosmic Horror Sales!

Part 2 of the Summer of Darkness sale just launched on the Storytellers Vault, and we’re switching from Chronicles of Darkness over to World of Darkness. Save 25% on over 100 titles from Onyx Path covering all your favorite 20th Anniversary game lines, including: Plus! The Cosmic Horror sale is still running on DriveThruRPG! Save … Read more

Release Retrospective 2022

2022 was quite a year! COVID continues to vex us, costs continue to rise, social media is exploding, but we keep making books. What’s been your favorite Onyx Path release of 2022? What are you looking forward to for 2023? Let us know in the comments. Have a great New Year, everyone! Onyx Path Games … Read more

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Begin!

DriveThruRPG’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale has started, with discounts on over 650 Onyx Path titles from now until Monday! Check out the sale here! Or here if you prefer fiction! There’ll be some doorcrasher deals on Friday and Monday, so keep checking this space. Monday Doorcrasher Deals Prince’s Gambit on DriveThruCards: Save 20% on a … Read more

Media Spotlight: A Bunch of Gamers

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week’s spotlight shines on regular favourites and committed producers of gold standard actual plays, A Bunch of Gamers! The Spotlight A Bunch of Gamers have for some time now been running a lengthy chronicle of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, which for me has proven a massive inspiration for my own chronicle (which … Read more

Media Spotlight: The Wondrous Atlas of Creation’s Destiny

Today out spotlight gets Exalted, as we shine a beam on The Wondrous Atlas of Creation’s Destiny! The Spotlight The Wondrous Atlas of Creation’s Destiny looks at characters, concepts, and places throughout Creation, the setting of Exalted 3rd Edition, and spends two episodes a piece examining each and the way you can use them in … Read more

Media Spotlight: The Deliberative Podcast

We don’t just highlight actual plays here on the media blog; we also delve into the world of podcasts and analyses of our various game lines. This week, we’re paying a visit to the Deliberative Podcast! The Spotlight The Deliberative Podcast has been running for a good while and has really broken down Exalted into … Read more

Episode 195: A Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Chat

In which Eddy, Matthew, and special guest Neall Raemonn Price discuss V20, Bloodlines, Beckett’s Jyhad Diary, and more! We’re switching things up! Are we…on topic? The genesis of Beckett’s Jyhad Diary How they planned it out Eddy vs. Neall On Cesare Balancing the tone Matthew took over! What to put in an anniversary book? Eddy … Read more

Now Available: Hundred Devils Night Parade in print!

Now available in print: Hundred Devils Night Parade (Collected Edition) for Exalted 3rd Edition! Once a year, the time of Calibration steals the lights from the night sky and weakens the barriers between Creation and otherworldly realms. Monsters and creatures from every hidden corner emerge to claim it all for their own in the eerie, … Read more

Now Available: They Came from the Snake-Filled Submarine!

As threatened seen on a recent Onyx Pathcast! Now available in PDF: Storypath Tasty Bit: They Came from the Snake-Filled Submarine! for They Came from Beneath the Sea! Snakes are bad news at the best of times, but nobody wants snakes in their submarine. Nobody but a Director of They Came From Beneath the Sea!, that … Read more