Extended Actions: Digging in Deeper

Someone asked about extended actions and how they were revised. So here we are.  I actually always liked the extended action rules, but I also think that you should only use them if it’s necessary to know how long something takes or (better yet) the characters are under the gun. I like these revisions because … Read more

Storyteller’s Discretion

As you may have gleaned from posts I’ve made on various forums of late, I’m writing the kewl powerz for Demon: The Spearmint. I’m also co-developing, but that’s neither here nor there for purposes of this entry. What I want to talk about here is “Storyteller discretion,” in a very specific context: that of supernatural powers. … Read more


So, someone on RPG.Net asked for spoilers about grappling in the God-Machine Chronicle, and it occurred to me that I had meant to post an extra spoiler or two, but never got back around to it. So what the heck? I’m not opposed to grappling. Grapple To grab your opponent, roll Strength + Brawl – Defense. … Read more

“Morality” and Other Dirty Words

Hey, all. So, they let me have posting access here. MORE FOOL THEM. Anyway, we’re in the last stages of developing and editing the God-Machine Chronicle. First of all, I’m sure you’ve all had the chance to read and absorb the awesome fiction in the God-Machine Chronicle Anthology, which is good, because it’s required reading … Read more