[Changeling 20th]Anthology All-Call

Greetings, aspiring writers of Changeling-related fiction. I want your words. Here’s what you need to know: The anthology is going to include 10 stories, about 5000 words each. I haven’t hired anyone to write for it yet. I haven’t even decided if I’m going to write one (hint: I probably will, which would mean there are … Read more

[Promethean]Into the Furnace!

Lots going on this week. Exalted 3rd out to backers, Beast out to backers, some kind of big Paradox-related news yesterday…easy to get lost in the shuffle. I strolled on over to the Promethean forums yesterday, and noted that I said I’d put a preview up, like, months ago, and then got busy with (among other things) developing Promethean … Read more

Day 5: The Firestorm Chronicle

Onyx Path’s Month of Nightmares features games, stories, and more to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. Count down the days with us by reading our excerpts, participating in the discussion, or by taking advantage of our special offers leading up to a haunted Halloween. This is from “Some Running Night,” by Tanya Cohen-Diaz, which is … Read more

Dark Eras Progress Report

You get a Dark Eras update if you can answer me these questions three. No, not really. So, here’s the deal with Dark Eras. It’s progressing more or less on schedule, as is the Dark Eras Companion, but “more or less” is an important distinction. Dark Eras is a weird project because a) it’s huge and b) rather than having … Read more

[Demon]Storyteller’s Guide

I haven’t talked about Demon for a while, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been on my mind. Originally Rose was going to develop the Demon Storyteller’s Guide, but scheduling issues and so forth meant that it landed with me instead. She did the initial outlining, and I hired authors (including some folks who responded to the … Read more