A Sad Week

Project Status Not a lot of movement overall last week, due to CCP layoffs and internal reorganization. Rich is going to try and get Dust to Dust laid out this week. Ethan is going to take over the Geist 1.1 development. Other pieces are moving forward again. Meeting Notes Rich suggests that we record the … Read more

Minty-Fresh Apple Products

Project Status Found italics problem in Strangeness ebook — working to get it resolved Dust to Dust layout discussed and ongoing Strange, Dead Love edits should be back this week Imperial Mysteries art notes should be in this week before going to editing House Divided series discussed a bit with Chuck — title might change … Read more

Flamewar (with Justin Achilli)

Monday Meeting 2! … yeah, numbering these is going to get irritating really fast. Let’s forget that I ever used to do that. Project Status Strangeness ebook — To Layout Vampire 20th — To PoD Layout Dust to Dust — To Layout Strange, Dead Love — Editing Imperial Mysteries — Development/Prep for Editing Victorian Lost … Read more

Monday Meeting Returns!

Back in the mists of ancient time, we had a regular lunch meeting on Mondays in which we would talk about what we were working on. It was called the Monday Meeting, because we’re original like that. Slightly less time ago (maybe “distant time” instead of “ancient time” — I don’t have the manual with … Read more