I’m on the redlining charge now. That’s where I read through all the first drafts and mark up comments and corrections, everything from use of the passive voice to rules that don’t do what they claim to do, before passing back to the writers for second drafts. Of the book, I’m about halfway through — 109,000 words out of 215,000. I can normally redline 10 to 20 thousand words each day, but it’s in-depth work that involves keeping the whole contents of the book in my head and cross-referencing everything. That’s why I’m being even quieter than normal — I’m reading, but I need to focus on the redlines so don’t have time to respond just now. I am listening, though. Also? Sleep-deprived. That one’s nothing new, though.

Anyway: idigam won, 42 to 14. So let’s talk about the Moon-Banished.

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The Red Mist Descends

I was off visiting family over the last few days, so this is a late column. Since each one involves a vote, I don’t want to give people less than four full days to register their opinion. As a result, I’m pushing next week’s back to Sunday to give people time; after that, we’re back to Fridays. Thanks also to @PrimeWolfie for hounding me when I’m late or I’m sure I’d have missed a couple by now. 😉

Last week was Idigam or Kuruth. 33/40 split, with Kuruth coming out on top.

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The Changing Man

Hey, I’m not putting Paul Weller as this week’s music but I have to get the reference in somewhere. Yeah, Shapeshifting won out, 55 to 10.

Shapeshifting is one of those integral parts of Werewolf and the five forms we use cover the gamut of werewolf legends and cinema. One of the important things to remember about the Uratha’s shapeshifting abilities is that they’re made to service the hunt, not the fight.

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The Idigam Chronicle focuses on those four words that you’re probably sick of by now: The Wolf Must Hunt. Gifts and Gift lists as they stand at present don’t really play in to that. So we’ve taken a long, hard look at Gifts, from how your characters purchase them to what each Gift does to help in the Hunt.

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