We’re back with today’s spotlight shining on the Roll to Meddle podcast!


Roll to Meddle is a podcast team with a lot of games under their belt. Recently they completed a They Came from Beneath the Sea! actual play, but they’ve played many more games that aren’t just by us at Onyx Path. Do check them out here:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –


Our schedule for is once again filling up with a whole lot of content. Remember to give us a Follow and Subscribe over on Twitch, and don’t forget that doing so is free is you have an Amazon Prime account:

I’m excited that the Twilight Network is diving into Werewolf: The Forsaken and we’re getting another part of Scion: Godsend! With the Scion: God Backerkit campaign approaching, do check that out.


As ever, a wide array of podcasts are available covering our (and many other) games, with some highlights including:

Mage: The Podcast covers how to start a chronicle of Mage: The Ascension for their latest episode:

The OpCast delves into the worlds of the Trinity Continuum, with the two most recent episodes diving into the Core and Prometheus Unbound:

Trinity Continuum Airwaves continues its short burst episode format covering everything from Assassins to Aether:

The Deliberative Podcast meanwhile dives into everything Exalted, with a varied array of focuses and subjects:

And speaking of Exalted, you can never go wrong with Wondrous Atlas of Creation’s Destiny, a podcast all about deep dives into Creation and the many games in the Exalted setting:

Then there’s the excellent Pain in the Dice, who cover lots of our games including Scion and Exalted, but are presently tackling the controversial topic of AI art:


This last week our videos focused primarily on the Twilight Network‘s deep dives into the world of Mummy: The Curse:

But never fear if Mummy isn’t for you, as we also present our one-shot of Bronzefinger for They Came from [CLASSIFIED]!


We’re on the lookout for new shows of the following types:

  • Deep Dives into our various games
  • Character Creation streaming sessions
  • Actual Plays of any of our games
  • Reviews of our games
  • Interviews with writers, artists, developers at Onyx Path Publishing

And more! If there’s content you’d like to produce on stream, we can help you out with the software you’ll need to use, may be able to assist with your creation of an overlay, and if you can commit to a good amount of content, we can get you PDFs to assist in your game features.

Therefore, if appearing on the Onyx Path Twitch channel and YouTube channel appeals to you, please complete this form: The Form