[They Came from the RPG Anthology!] Two Additional Chapters

Greetings, true believers! Matthew here, to chat a little about our relatively recent Kickstarter campaign, They Came from the RPG Anthology! We funded it a couple of months ago and the campaign is now over on BackerKit for anyone who missed it the first time around and wants to pre-order: https://tfc-rpg-anthology.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders But what is in … Read more

[The World Below] Fungal Undead

It’s time for another blog for The World Below! The World Below Ashcan Edition has reached Electrum Seller status on DriveThruRPG! To celebrate, why not augment your roleplaying experience from the Ashcan with a fresh(ish) antagonist who doesn’t appear in there: the Fungal Undead. You all loved The Last of Us, so let’s have some … Read more

[The World Below] Your Questions Answered

It’s time for another blog for The World Below! Since The World Below Ashcan Edition was released this week, and we ran a panel on the game during Onyx Path Virtual Gaming Convention over the weekend, we’ve accumulated a good number of questions about the game! As a result, I’m answering them right here for … Read more

[The World Below] Kaos

It’s time for another blog about The World Below! Last week we covered the nature of spirits in The World Below, ranging from dream, to dead, to nature, and the roles they might play in your sessions of this game. This time we’re discussing something that has shown up repeatedly in our teasers, but is … Read more

[Once and Future] Preview

As a result of popular demand, today’s preview will be from Once and Future, our upcoming sourcebook for Scion, which delves into all things wonderfully Arthurian! Once and Future accomplished a lot of tasks on its many pages. Whether you’re wanting to play as Pendragons-elect, in games of cyclical tragedy, be a Scion of one … Read more

[The World Below] Spirits

Matthew returning for another blog on The World Below! Last week we asked the question “What do you do?” in The World Below, covering some of the game basics surrounding your motivation to act, the challenges you might face, and the rewards you can gain by exploring the many sublime caverns of the Vast Underneath. … Read more

[The Hedge] Preview

Greetings, all! This week we’re going to tease a little morsel of content from the upcoming The Hedge for Changeling: The Lost 2e! I know this book is very much anticipated, so do read all the way to the bottom. We’ll be asking for your opinion on what to preview next! In the meantime, let’s … Read more