Now Available: Contagion Chronicle RMCs and Clades Companion

Now available in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: The Contagion Chronicle Ready-Made Characters for Chronicles of Darkness: The Contagion Chronicle!

Contagion oozes through the cracks in the world.

Infection seethes amid the monstrous engines of the God-Machine.

The rules of the world break down, and corruption threatens us all.

Who will stand against it? Who will cleanse the Contagion and heal the damage it has wrought?

The Contagion Chronicle: Ready-Made Characters includes twelve player characters ready for play in a new Contagion Chronicle.

Also available in PDF and print: The Clades Companion for Deviant: The Renegades!

“You think these scars are bad? You’ve not even seen my true form…”

The Clades Companion delves deep into the many options available for players and Storytellers of Deviant: The Renegades, expanding the selection of Remade Forms, a wealth of animals and Manticores to use as companions and antagonists, and more besides.

Deviant provides the template for your Remade. The Clades Companion provides the player’s guide you need to add all many of modifications to your characters, from weapons and mutations, to ghosts and animistic spirits.

Within this book, expect to find:

  • A wealth of equipment that Deviants and the conspiracies hunting them can use.
  • Manticores and ephemeral entities along with their inhuman powers.
  • New Remade Forms, including rules for the Outsider aliens, ghosts, angels, elementals, and androids; the bizarre Myriads; the cursed Uplifts; and the trapped Automatons.

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Crowdfunding Update

At the Gates wrapped up last week on Backerkit four weeks ago, and funded in ten hours! We closed at $69,874, or 279% of the original $25,000 goal, thanks to our 1236 backers!

We’ve unlocked the following stretch goals:

  • At the Gates Storyguide Screen
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