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  • [At the Gates] Arts and Magic

    [At the Gates] Arts and Magic

    “Magic will be Gaia’s salvation or the tool of her destruction.” — Luisa Drosser, President of Orydonia Magic — in its myriad forms — is a cornerstone of life in Gaia. With magic, an individual can improve their lot, rid the world of an enemy, or acquire glory for their people. Daemons only reinforce the…

  • Episode 306: Amazing Ashcans!

    In which we talk about ashcans, what they are, and what they are for! Links: Onyx Path YouTube: Path Twitch: Path Discord:

  • [At the Gates] Daemons

    [At the Gates] Daemons

    Before the past year, the creatures of the Void had no substantial presence on Gaia, bound as they were to Rifts and temporary passages to escape the chains of their prison. With Vitrumaria bringing the practice of daemon summoning to Everend, though, the entities now play a crucial role in determining the fate of the…

  • [At the Gates] Creatures of Gaia

    [At the Gates] Creatures of Gaia

    Gaia hosts countless creatures of all sorts, minuscule and massive, fragile and mighty. Some are people just like player characters are, while others are portentous beings wielding the very same energy of the world they inhabit. Ever since the arrival of daemons, though, the concerning truth none of Gaia’s native species are immune to the…

  • Release Roundup: March 2024

    Release Roundup: March 2024

    Welcome to the Release Roundup! This is where we update you on what we’ve been up to for the last month, from weekly releases to crowdfunding projects to production status updates. This month’s Onyx Path releases include: This month’s Community Content, from the Storypath Nexus, Slarecian Vault, and Canis Minor includes: Crowdfunding Update The Curious Cats of Mau for…

  • [At the Gates] Professions 2

    [At the Gates] Professions 2

    Mage If we were not meant to understand the gods, then why would they have created us with this burning curiosity. Moreover, why would they gift us the skills to unravel their mysteries? In Gaia, the term mage denotes someone who had dedicated their life to the study of magic. While everyone can utilize Gaia’s…

  • Now Available: The Hollow King for Scion: Dragon, plus At the Gates Ashcan!

    Now Available: The Hollow King for Scion: Dragon, plus At the Gates Ashcan!

    Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: The Hollow King, a Storypath Tasty Bit for Scion: Dragon! Also available in PDF: At the Gates, Ashcan Edition! Other Recent Releases Did you miss one of these recent releases? Sales Just in time for the total Solar Eclipse, Indie Press Revolution is offering 40% off Exalted stock, plus…

  • [At the Gates] Professions

    [At the Gates] Professions

    When I was in the academy, they didn’t put so much emphasis on what you were going to do with yourself afterward. Discovery was the destination, not the path. — Regna Eliza Romanelo In Everend, people have either a trade or a profession. Trades are anything from being a merchant, soldier, sailor, blacksmith, or even…

  • [At the Gates] The Nations of Everend

    [At the Gates] The Nations of Everend

    “A people divided, and yet one people. Everend is all of you, and yet it is no one of you.” Testament of Aaramus When people resettled the land after the Time Before, they picked locations rich in natural resources and defensible positions. What started as a trickle of repopulation and exploration turned into lines drawn…

  • [At the Gates] The World of Gaia and Everend

    [At the Gates] The World of Gaia and Everend

    We bury the dead. And then we embrace life. Dr.  Melody Ratan, scholar of antiquity Gaia isn’t a young world. Nor is it an old world. It’s ageless, forever changing and kept vibrant by the strong magic at its core. Gaia has birthed gods, monsters, and people as the ages tick by. It has seen…