Now Available: Karnstein’s Cabinet, plus wallpapers!

Now available in PDF: Storypath Tasty Bit: They Came from Karnstein’s Cabinet of Curiosities! for They Came from Beyond the Grave!

For every artifact there’s a tale. For every relic a warning. Yet still you feel the lure to rifle through Karnstein’s wares. You want to see the mystical, experience the forbidden, and taste the obscene.

Dare you enter Karnstein’s Cabinet of Curiosities?

This Tasty Bit for They Came from Beyond the Grave! contains a plethora of story hooks for your Beyond the Grave! games, a new setting to use for your adventures, and new Conditions to inflict on your protagonists, among many more fun and mysterious features.

Also available: Desktop wallpapers for Legendlore and Lunars: Fangs at the Gate!

The Realm of Legendlore sits on an unstable nexus of reality and sees many visitors from other worlds. You are such a visitor.

Shapeshifters, monster-heroes, divine apex predators — the Lunar Exalted are all these and more.

These downloads include a selection of electronic wallpaper files for your computer or mobile device featuring a collage of the art from their respective rulebooks.

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It’s Onyx Path’s 10th Anniversary! Every month in 2022, we’ll be celebrating another one of our published game lines.

April is Exalted month! For only a few more days, our DB and Lunar-oriented Exalted 3rd Edition titles on DriveThruRPG are 90% off! Physical Exalted books are also 50% off at Indie Press Revolution!

Stay tuned for more sales the rest of this year!

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Keep an eye out for our next crowdfunding campaign, for Exigents: Out of the Ashes for Exalted 3rd Edition.

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