Episode 205: An Extremely Exalted Roundtable!

In which Dixie talks to Exalted developers and writers Elliott Freeman, Eric Minton, Lauren Roy, and Robert Vance about the current state of the line and upcoming books!

  • Exalted is moving!
  • A bit on Sidereal Charms
  • We all have gifted child syndrome
  • Yu-Shan!
  • The Sidereal Exalted
  • Updates to the setting!
  • Many-Faced Strangers
  • Hundred Devils Night Parade
  • Adversaries of the Righteous
  • Across the Eight Directions
  • A bit on Essence
  • Some favorites!


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1 thought on “Episode 205: An Extremely Exalted Roundtable!”

  1. Best episode of the podcast ever, in my opinion! I’m so glad to hear Dixie geeking out over Exalted as much as the devs! There’s so much goodness to look forward to coming down the line. Keep up the good work!


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