Now Available, Late Edition: Adversaries of the Righteous and Squeaks Jumpstart!

Now available in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Adversaries of the Righteous collection for Exalted 3rd Edition!

A privateer crew sails the frozen winds of the far North, hunting for riches. Deep beneath the Blessed Isle, a Fair Folk prince plots vengeance from within her crystal palace. Not far from Cynosure, a long-dead ruler returns from the Underworld and rallies his descendants to reclaim their stolen territory. In the East, an ancient god’s Chosen sells powerful artifacts to the highest bidder, while out in the Western oceans, a war god and her bloodthirsty children prowl the angry waters.

From bustling cities to remote villages, from Underworld fortresses to Heaven’s bureaucratic halls, to the Bordermarches of the Wyld and beyond, Adversaries of the Righteous features a collection of full character entries designed for Storytellers to include in their games as antagonists and allies, or to use as examples for creating their own. Mortals, elementals, gods, denizens of the Wyld, the Exalted, and even stranger peoples populate both Creation and the pages of this book, as well as groups and organizations for intrepid Chosen to encounter.

Also available, in PDF and print-on-demand: Connection Lost: A Squeaks in the Deep Jumpstart for Realms of Pugmire!

“During my research,
I found something glorious and terrible down here.”

— Vayda Sax

Vayda Sax is known as the most luminous citizen of Rootsreach. A researcher, explorer, and teacher, she had the respect and admiration of every rodent in town. Years ago, she boasted of a discovery she proclaimed would usher in a new era not just for Rootsreach but for all rodents and mounted a solo expedition to retrieve it. She never returned. 

Connection Lost is a Pugmire: Squeaks in the Deep story for three to five players. This jumpstart contains all the rules and characters you need to play — just grab some dice and go! You can also use this adventure with the full version of Squeaks in the Deep.

Connection Lost contains:

  • An evocative and mysterious setting that’s both family-friendly and deep enough to create compelling stories.
  • A summary of Pugmire’s traditional fantasy rules system. It’s designed for streamlined play, with an emphasis on cooperation and action over competition and violence.
  • A complete adventure for a Guide to run for three to five players. Also useful for Guides running a full Squeaks in the Deep game of first or second level characters!
  • Five ready-to-play characters, so you can jump into the action.

It’s time to listen to the squeaks in the deep.

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Crowdfunding Update

Sidereals: Charting Fate's Course

The campaign for Sidereals: Charting Fate’s Course launched two weeks ago on Kickstarter and we’re at 588%! We hit our goal in only nine minutes, 200% after 45 minutes, and 300% after three hours! We’re sitting at a comfortable $176,494 of our $30,000 goal, thanks to our 1866 backers, and have already blasted through the following stretch goals:

  • Sidereals ST Screen
  • Supplemental Content x8: Arts of Destined Battle: The signature fighting styles of the other four divisions of the Bureau of Destiny. For Starry Eyes Only: ST advice and plot hooks for Sidereal missions. Secrets of Jupiter’s Tome: More Terrestrial and Celestial spells, and new sorcerous initiations tailored for Sidereals. The Streets of Heaven x2: Details on a number of heavenly districts. Salon of Celestial Personages: quick character traits for a number of gods and other denizens of heaven. Thousand Weapon Arts: Even Blade style, Flowing Whip Arm style, Threshing Grain nunchaku style, Crimson Killing Field Style, Sapphire Veil of Passions style. Bureau Intelligence Briefing: Handouts for new players introducing them to the basics of the setting. Hallowed Vaults Unsealed: Starmetal artifacts and evocations.
  • Sidereals Jumpstart
  • Sidereals Novella
  • Digital Wallpaper

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