Now Available: Tales from the Age of Sorrows

tales from the age of sorrowsNow available in ebook and print via DriveThruFiction:

In the Age of Sorrows heroes were chosen by the gods to stand or fall as champions of Creation. Whether they narrowly escaped death, struck a death-bargain with the goddess of sharks, or faced hellish aberrations, their heroic deeds ring throughout the ages.

Tales from the Age of Sorrows gathers a dozen tales about the Solar Exalted, Chosen of the Unconquered Sun, and their mighty foes.

Stories are written by: Tracy Barnett, Natania Barron, Dylan Birtolo, Richard Dansky, Thoraiya Dyer, Matt Forbeck, Erin Hoffman, Haralambi Markov, Tim Pratt, Steven S. Long, Lucien Soulban, Wendy Wagner, and Damien Angelica Walters.

The material found in Tales from the Age of Sorrows is inspired by the World of Exalted as featured in the Exalted 3rd Edition Role-Playing Game.


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