Now Available: The Hotel Lobby for They Came from [CLASSIFIED]!

Now available in PDF and DriveThruRPG: The Hotel Lobby, a Storypath Tasty Bit for They Came from [CLASSIFIED]!

The hotel lobby provides a welcoming public space that affords just enough privacy to engage in back-door negotiations, intelligence sharing, and ethically gray meetings. This is, of course, exactly why the shadowy operatives who inhabit the world of international espionage see a hotel lobby as the perfect place to engage in a bit of spycraft and skullduggery.

This Tasty Bit for They Came from [CLASSIFIED]! contains nine encounter ideas, three antagonists, and a map of a hotel lobby suitable for VTT play.

It requires a copy of They Came from [CLASSIFIED]! or another They Came From… core rulebook to play.

The print on demand hardcovers are coming soon. Anyone who orders the PDF version will get a coupon for a discount on the hardcover edition when it is ready to launch. The discount will take into account the PDF price to match the PDF + PoD combo deal price.

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