People of East Azoth [Legendlore]

The Legendlore roleplaying game runs on D&D 5th edition — a system most players know and which is easy to use. We are adding a Legend mechanics, new ways to cast spells and rituals, new classes and new people. Here’s a preview of the latter. Enjoy!

People of East Azoth

The Realm is home to a wide variety of creatures from Pixies to Orc. As you Cross, physical characteristics, personality, and skills and inclination as shape your body into the right one for You. East Azoth supports adoption and fosterage between people, but different people cannot biologically conceive a twin-people child. If you want to play someone with a combined cultural background, such as the child of a dwarf and an elf, you should pick one as your People template and add a Realmborn Background (Chapter Five) from the other.

After you select a people, you may choose to take their noted Ability Score Increase. This increase is cultural, rather than innate – Bryzine trolls tend to be hardy due to growing up in harsh northern conditions, and good at haggling as they’re a trading people. Likewise, elves raise their children in a way that favors increases to charisma, intelligence, and wisdom. That doesn’t mean your character must take those increases though – perhaps they were raised differently, or their talents simply ran counter to a traditional cultural upbringing. If this is the case, you may forego your cultural ability score increase and instead refer to the table on p.xx of Chapter 4: Classes to select a class-based increase instead.


As Jada’s full hand made a very satisfying connection with the goblin’s cheek they immediately felt the smallest tinge of regret at the pit of their very tiny stomach. Why were they always getting into these types of situations? One could argue it all began in University when Jada stood up in front of the class and lectured the professor on the finer points of feminism they heard their parents discussing at the dinner table. Or further back when they punched Tommy Branson in 5th grade for telling them to go back to their own country…

Jada questioned their actions a million times per day, hundreds of hours over hundreds of nights, why did they always get into trouble? Were they in fact the one who was wrong?

A deep growl from the goblin snapped Jada from their revelry. The creature’s eyes narrowed and he flung the hairfoot he held to the ground. Seeing the poor hairfoot cry, Jada remembered: No, they were definitely not the one who was wrong.

You are a Pixie

You’re not good with bullies. In fact, you’re not good with anyone who thinks they’re superior to others and can make them feel bad about it. The best medicine for bullies is a good prank or two, to take them down a peg, and show them they’re just the same as everyone else. Anyone you call a friend is a friend for life, and you’ll do anything to protect them. Earning your love isn’t easy though, and people must prove themselves multiple times to you before you’re willing to let them in.

You often see things others miss. You notice the person frowning in the back, hear the words left unsaid, or even read the faulty logic of an argument. When this happens, rather than doing nothing — you act. It isn’t appreciated by others and it’s exceedingly hard for you to hold back or filter yourself. You believe in utter, brutal honesty, and hope the people around you do as well. When you find out they don’t it’s often a startling letdown.

People see you as a mischievous rebel

People think you cause mischief and sow chaos — and they aren’t half wrong. What the big folk don’t understand is the motivation behind your actions. They think small person and small motivation, like merely doing it on a lark, but they couldn’t be more wrong. This isn’t a fact you’re going to correct them though, as it’s always to your advantage when people underestimate how committed you can be.

Creatures larger than you assume you’re Realmborn and often give you the wary respect afforded any pixie, but interactions with other pixies is more difficult. Pixie communication is a complex form of verbal and non-verbal signals. More can be said in one movement than in fifty words, and sometimes it’s impossible to get Realmborn pixies to shut up.


Ability Score Increase. Increase your Dexterity score by 2, and your Intelligence score by 1.

Age. Pixies mature quickly, reaching adulthood within a year of hatching from their egg. While effectively immortal (though not indestructible) within the Enchanted Forest, pixies live to about a century outside it.

Size. Pixies stand roughly 6 to 8 inches tall. Your size is Tiny. Adjust weapon damage accordingly.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 5ft. Your base flying speed is 30 ft.

Fey Ancestry. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.

Geas. When you make a promise with someone you may both agree to turn it into a geas. If you or the other person breaks their word, the other knows. Many pixies use this ability to construct convoluted agreements, which most always in someone else breaking their promise and owing the pixie a boon.

Pixie Magik. You know the minor illusion cantrip. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast Faerie Fire once per day. When you reach the 5th level, you can cast the Major Image spell once per day. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Pixie Language. In addition to whatever languages you speak and read, you can also speak and smell Pixie — pixies have no written language and communicate using a complex combination of vocalizations mixing with an olfactory understanding of others to convey meaning behind what is said.

Small and Mighty. You can move through the space of any creature. Opportunity attacks made on you by a creature that is a size larger than yours are made with disadvantage.

Wings. You have wings and can fly.

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