[Demon]Storyteller’s Guide

I haven’t talked about Demon for a while, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been on my mind. Originally Rose was going to develop the Demon Storyteller’s Guide, but scheduling issues and so forth meant that it landed with me instead. She did the initial outlining, and I hired authors (including some folks who responded to the … Read more

The Demon Storyteller’s Guide (Open Development)

Here I was working on the outline and finding writers for the Storyteller’s Guide, and thinking about the interest in it on the forums. There’ll be things people specifically asked for. So you could consider there’s been some open development already. But I also have a little time to spin this book up, so I thought it’d be … Read more

Demon: The Descent update (and Gen Con note)

Hi, everyone. I thought I’d give you a quick Demon update before Gen Con. Prestige Edition Kickstarter copies: Being shipped from the printer to the fulfillment company. Heirs to Hell: Out! Flowers of Hell – The Demon Player’s Guide: Out in PDF, PoD being proofed this week. Splintered City – Seattle: In layout. Demon Anthology + Interface: In layout. … Read more

Demon: The Descent updates

Between Matt, Mike, and me, things have been pretty busy on the Demon front. I’ve got to leave my office and the Internet for a week, but I wanted to provide a quick update on current projects before I do. (This is cross-posted on the Demon Kickstarter page.) Flowers of Hell, the Player’s Guide is out in PDF. I’m outlining the Storyteller’s Guide. While I’m … Read more