Trouble on the Steel Pier: Rocket Rose [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

Trouble on the Steel Pier: A Dystopia Rising: Evolution Jumpstart, our first release for Dystopia Rising: Evolution, is now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG!

The jumpstart includes an introductory adventure, taking you characters through the Big A.C., and a collection of ready-made characters to get everyone started. Below is a preview of one of those characters:

Rocket Rose

Strain: Diesel Jock

Rocket Rose is loud, bold, and bright, and her clothing reflects her personality. Some of her earliest memories are of travelling the open roads with her Diesel Jock clan. When Rose was nearly killed by Raiders as a teenager, her family staged a rescue. When they learned that the injury to her spine meant she would never walk on her own again, her father sank all the resources he could spare into making sure she had what she needed to keep going. Rose spent the rest of her youth driving her tricked out rig, retrofitted so that she could smoothly work the controls. When she’s not driving, she relies on a neon green wheelchair or leg braces to get around.

Absolutely fearless, Rose took up driving solo cargo runs to make some extra money. After returning from one of these trips, she learned her brother had met a nice local boy and settled down with him, giving up life on the road. Disgusted that he’d chosen an outsider over the clan, Rose took off on her own, travelling from town to town, entering every race and rally she could find.

It was at one of these rallies that Rose spotted a captivatingly charming Vegasian girl named Talia O’Nines. Talia’s crew needed a ride west, and Rose’s business was on the road anyway, so she offered them a ride. She’s been running with the crew ever since.