Sand and Sky [Cavaliers of Mars]

Image of a Martian City

Hi, folks! Welcome to Mars. Bottom line at the top: this post starts a series in which I’ll be serializing the beginning of chapter one from Cavaliers of Mars. With the announcement of Pugmire, recent requests I’ve gotten on social media, and the fact that progress is beginning to start up again after a year devoted to the…

Terra Incognita [Mage: The Awakening]

Terra Incognita [Mage: The Awakening] We’ve spoken a lot about Mysteries and Obsessions so far in this blog, and how mages become attracted to, obsessed by, and sometimes killed by the many supernatural aspects of the World of Darkness. Most such things are unique – central Mysteries that individual chronicles revolve around, like the Secret…

Oct 17 Open Dev Roundup


In case you missed any, open dev posts from the last week include: WoD’s Hurt Locker: Hurt Locker: Alpha Outline VTR’s Secrets of the Covenants: Carthian Merits and Law: The Voice of the People Promethean: The Created 2e: Sewing Parts Together: Playtests Begin Promethean: The Created 2e: Alchemists: Mixologists of Evil

A Cautious Sniff [Pugmire]


(The image attached to the post is what I got when I searched for “dog armor” on Wikipedia Commons, as there isn’t any art for Pugmire yet. Consider it “inspirational” rather than an actual art direction.) Waaaaaay back in August, Rich and I announced Pugmire for the first time at GenCon. It’s a new creator-owned fantasy game (specifically, owned by my…

Alchemists: Mixologists of Evil [Promethean: The Created]


Look, you want updates while I’m mid-coffee, you take your chances with the post titles. Now, glib titles aside, alchemists are not necessarily evil. Mark Stone proposed, while we were brainstorming Promethean 2nd Edition (then known simply as The Firestorm Chronicle) that we should include mortal alchemists as antagonists. I had to noodle that – I knew…