Episode 303: Into The Hedge!

In which we talk to Meghan Fitzgerald and Lauren Roy about The Hedge for Changeling: The Lost!

  • What is time?
  • What is the Hedge?
  • Places to go
  • Hedge Sorcery
  • What is a goblin
  • Dreaming roads
  • Other supernatural types
  • Faces


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3 thoughts on “Episode 303: Into The Hedge!”

  1. I found out a mechanical issue in Hedge Sorcery surrounding the unclearness of needing to roll for each Door, but the errata is closed. Is there anything that I could do to input feedback or is it too late?

      • The last step of executing the spell confuses me. It says to roll multiple times for each Door, but the Doors are already opened through the Hecatombs? And how can you fail if you only fail if you “fail to open any Doors” if the Hecatombs already opened at least three of them? What does this mean?


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