OPP10: Trinity Continuum month, part 1! Save up to 90%!

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2022 is Onyx Path’s tenth anniversary, so we’re celebrating a different game line every month this year!

December is Trinity Continuum month.

For the first part of the month, PDF titles from across the Trinity Continuum are on sale for 10% of their original price for our 10th anniversary. That means they’re 90% off!

That means:

  • Trinity Continuum core: The Trinity Continuum core rules for $1.50, Assassins for $2, or all nine titles on sale for only $5.66!
  • Trinity Continuum: Aberrant: The Aberrant rulebook for $2, or all eight sale titles for only $4.89!
  • Trinity Continuum: Æon: The Æon rulebook for $2, or all 13 titles for only $13.32!

That means you can get 29 titles on sale for just $23.67! You’ll never see sales this good again!

Plus! Save 50% on a bunch of Onyx Path’s traditionally-printed titles from Indie Press Revolution!

Previous sales this year:

  • January: Dystopia Rising: Evolution
  • February: World of Darkness
  • March: Cavaliers of Mars
  • April: Exalted
  • May: Scion
  • June: Crossroads Continent
  • July: Chronicles of Darkness
  • August: Scarred Lands
  • September: Realms of Pugmire
  • October: They Came From…
  • November: Legendlore
  • December: Trinity Continuum

  3 comments for “OPP10: Trinity Continuum month, part 1! Save up to 90%!

  1. Justin Berg
    December 2, 2022 at 2:51 pm

    Wonderful! I’ve picked up so many great books on these sales this year. It looks like virtually everything from the Onyx Path category on drivethrurpg.com has been covered; what in the world could be left for the end of December, or does Trinity Continuum represent the end of the Onyx Path sales?


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