Submission Guidelines

If you have an original concept that you would like to submit, here is the process for submission. But first, keep these notes in mind:

All unsolicited material sent to us must (MUST) also include a Disclosure Form. If there is not a Disclosure Form submitted with the work, it will be shredded immediately, unread. It can be digitally signed using Adobe ID. You can download a Disclosure Form here.

Please do not send us manuscripts of your proposed book or game. Write 1,000 words setting text and 1,000 words of mechanics for a single game line (World of Darkness mortal counts as a line). List the other lines you’re heavily familiar with. Include your previous writing credits, if any.

Please be professional when submitting your work. This means: type it up neatly and present only the information that pertains to your submission. We do not read or accept handwritten material.

Send your material to Do not forget to include the disclosure form.

We do not accept submissions via physical mail. No exceptions.

The Onyx Path staff will review the material. If you’ve followed the instructions and the idea has merit, we’ll contact you. Following up with us will not yield faster results.

If we accept your proposal, we will work with you into turning your idea into a finished product. If your proposal is not accepted, do not be discouraged. Keep sending us your ideas; hopefully you’ll send us one that sticks. Good luck!

Additional Information: Style Guide