Beating the Orders out by a nose, Paths won the vote. Like I said last week, we’re not voting on next week’s topic – I’ll be at GenCon, so I’m going to prewrite a guide to Awakening’s inspirational media and publish it on Wednesday whenever I get within range of the internet on my very, … Read more

A lever and a firm place to stand

Welcome back to our tour of Awakening‘s Fallen World Chronicle. To the list of fora I’m now monitoring, we can add Penny Arcade’s tabletop roleplaying game thread. Hello everyone over there! So. What’s a “Yantra,” then? Put simply, when we were designing Fallen World Chronicle, wedecided to organize the spellcasting rules — every form of … Read more


. Revelations Many thanks to everyone who voted, and commented on the last post and in the satellite discussions on our forums,, SomethingAwful and 4Chan. And even the one person posting on Giant in the Playground (like the Eye, I’m always watching). It’s exciting to see how many people are taking an interest in … Read more

I’ll Lie To You

With 71 votes, the Lie won out. So, picking up from where we left off; The universe isn’t only the Supernal, defining concepts, and the Fallen, embodying them. When mages use their Sight, they frequently see signs of corruption, warped or nonsensical symbols infecting the world. If the symbols of the Supernal Realms represent everything … Read more

Falling Down

Okay, so, “the Fallen World” won by a landslide. As most of you have noticed, the Chronicle Books are all named after the story catalyst in their respective games. Not necessarily the antagonist, but the thing that upsets the apple cart, disrupts the lives of the characters and causes a Story. The Strix throw the … Read more

Addicted To Mysteries

Mage: The Awakening is a big game. It’ll be nine years old this August, and despite the second-largest product line of the new World of Darkness, we haven’t yet revisited everything in that great big turquoise corebook. Over the years, Awakening has developed into a distinct voice from its big brother Ascension. We’ve explored the … Read more