[Realms of Pugmire] Preview

When making a new edition of a tabletop role-playing game, there’s always a balance of keeping things familiar while providing enhanced value over the previous edition’s material. One of the areas we really worked to clarify and (pardon the pun) uplift was the magic section. Here’s a sample of what the new magic rules look … Read more

Realms of Pugmire 2e FAQ

Hey all! Now that the Realms of Pugmire Kickstarter has wrapped up, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. Not only are some of the people backing it new to Onyx Path crowdfunding campaigns, but this is one of the rare times when both editions are produced by the same company. So I … Read more

Announcing a new era of Pugmire!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Onyx Path Publishing Announces Realms of Pugmire, a new edition of the tabletop RPG December 15, 2022 — Eddy Webb, founder of Pugsteady and creator of Pugmire, announced today that Onyx Path Publishing will launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund printing for Realms of Pugmire, a second edition of the popular and … Read more