Awakening 2e Errata [Mage: The Awakening]

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Hello, faithful readers!


We are now done with the errata pass on Mage: The Awakening second edition. The book now needs to be corrected, relaid-out, and sent to a professional indexer before the print on demand option goes live on DriveThru.

While the majority of errata were typos, visual glitches, and the like, the changes do include some mechanical changes. So as to not leave Mage troupes hanging, I’ve summarized those in a document linked to here.

Awakening 2e Mechanical Errata.


Thanks, and I’ll see any of you coming to GenCon at the con!

8 thoughts on “Awakening 2e Errata [Mage: The Awakening]”

  1. I dig a lot of these changes. Especially the clarification on legacy attainments not causing quiescence. It opens up a lot of story possibilities.

  2. There is so much to love in these errata.

    First and foremost how the 1e-ism of “all damage spells are fraying/unraveling because they’re attacking /with/ the domain of the Arcanum, even when it plainly doesn’t make sense with how it works elsewhere” has finally been shed for good.

    But there are also a great deal of clarification and standardization changes that tighten up spellcasting wonderfully.

  3. Can we get a quick clarification? It says that Legacy attainments do not count as obvious magic to Sleepers. Because of awkward wording, that could mean that it doesn’t count as Obvious in the sense of risking Paradox, or that it doesn’t cause Sleepers to suffer an Integrity breaking point for being obvious magic.

    I presume the former, but… Worth asking.

  4. Thank you so much for separating out the mechanical changes like this! Most of these clarifications and changes look great.

  5. One Proximus question: What do they do if a Blessing calls for a Clash of Wills? They’ve neither any Arcana ratings nor a Gnosis, so do they just auto-fail or roll a Chance Die?

  6. Note to layout: Mind moving the description of Aspirations to a point *before* they are referenced by Obsessions? This would make reading the book a bit more straight forward.

  7. With this errata, Mage: the Awakening is finally everything I ever wanted it to be. Kudos to Brookshaw and all his awesome team for making all the potential of this incredible game a reality. I know we have not been the easiest fandom to deal with, and for that I’m sorry. Keep up the good work!


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