Speedy Thomas!

Since a lot of things are moving on a number of fronts, it’ll be easier to list them separately. So, it’s time for the return of… Project Updates Strange, Dead Love: Rich is waiting on a physical proof of the book before giving it the green light to go live. Imperial Mysteries: The first proof … Read more

Haters Gotta Hate

Meeting Notes Mike Chaney asked me about the quote for the back cover of the print-on-demand edition for V20, which means that it’s very close to going out to the printer for a proof. Rich talks to me about setting up the wiring in his upstairs office, because his current one is getting too cold … Read more

Wikipedia Is Wrong

Rich and I talk a little about Thanksgiving. We try to call Russell, but no answer — we’ll try to connect with him again later in the week to talk about Requiem stuff. Over the holiday, someone had incorrectly listed White Wolf as defunct on our Wikipedia page. A fan mentioned it to me on … Read more

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Project Status * Rich is still putting together Strange, Dead Love, and plans to devote most of this evening towards it. * Secrets of the Covenants will be replaced on the schedule with a different Requiem book, so that we can spend some more time really thinking about what we want to say about the … Read more

Carbonated Meeting

Project Status Dust to Dust went live last Friday. The print-on-demand version is being worked on. Strange, Dead Love will go into layout after another round of PoD edits for Dust to Dust. Masters of Jade continues to be on track, as does V20 Companion. Ethan is still working on Geist 1.1, and is hiring … Read more

Darker Days Episodes

We’ve always been big fans of the Darker Days podcast. They pointed out two recent episodes that our fans might be interested in. Filamena Young on Darker Days The Darker Days staff are joined by White Wolf freelancer Filamena Young for two action packed episodes. Darker Days #30 features a secret frequency on alchemists, a look at V20, … Read more

Elder Signs

Combining status report and meeting notes, since most of this meeting was a status meeting. Dust to Dust layout went to first draft and back. Rich will update based on my notes, and we’ll try another round, but it’s already looking pretty good. Werewolf 20th writers are being discussed, trying to make the right team. … Read more

Quick Update

This week we didn’t do a Monday Meeting, because Rich was out of power (which was only just restored last night). I just got off of a call with him. He’s doing fine now, and trying to catch up. He’s going to work on the layout for Dust to Dust over the weekend, and on … Read more

A Sad Week

Project Status Not a lot of movement overall last week, due to CCP layoffs and internal reorganization. Rich is going to try and get Dust to Dust laid out this week. Ethan is going to take over the Geist 1.1 development. Other pieces are moving forward again. Meeting Notes Rich suggests that we record the … Read more

Minty-Fresh Apple Products

Project Status Found italics problem in Strangeness ebook — working to get it resolved Dust to Dust layout discussed and ongoing Strange, Dead Love edits should be back this week Imperial Mysteries art notes should be in this week before going to editing House Divided series discussed a bit with Chuck — title might change … Read more