You Are Not Alone: Page 10

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Jericho: So, you consider yourself a transcendent. Seems to me that makes you an Aberrant by default.
Antaeus: A question?
Jericho: An observation.
Antaeus: Over here. I sometimes like to present the illusion of walking. I find it puts my guests more at east. And it's good for the bloodstream, so I've heard.
Jericho: So you're not Aberrant. Even so, my readers — all fifty of them, I guess — would love to understand what your intentions are for humanity.
Antaeus: And if I explained them, is there anything your readers could do about it? Look on the bright side, Miss Jericho. I suspect your readership is about to go up.
Jericho: So, there's nothing we can do about the emergence of novas. We have no say in what happens next.
Antaeus: An observation?
Jericho: Nope. A cry for help.






3 responses to “You Are Not Alone: Page 10”

  1. WuseMajor Avatar

    I mean, I can’t really do anything about the mass murder of a bunch of people in another state either, but they still report that on the news.

    I do have to agree with that last couple of panels though. Humans are panicky. If we think we’ve lost all relevance, we’re likely to do something stupid and dangerous, just to die on our own terms instead of everyone else’s.

    1. David Young Avatar
      David Young

      You’re assuming that humanity hasn’t already been doing stupid and dangerous things in regards to Novas beginning on N-Day. If not even before that (ominous musical sting).

    2. Greenozzy Avatar

      Like, I don’t know, aim a bunch on nuclear satellites at the Earth and threaten to blow EVERYONE up unless the novas leave the plant?

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