You Are Not Alone: Page 13

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Jericho: Six weeks ago, Aberrants attacked the Los Angeles Toy District for reasons they never divulged. They took out a twelve-story building near the L.A. Mission, and a couple of surrounding buildings with it. They never said why.
Jericho (narrating): A nearby elementary school was obliterated. Two entire blocks were in flames within six minutes. Dozens of first responders lost their lives. All we got was a public statement from Cestus Pax telling us, effectively, that first shots had been fired.
Antaeus: Fire destroys. It also cleanses. And brings change. Which you people always fear.
Jericho: So, you're not a person. You're not a person. A person would have cared about the deaths of other people.






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  1. Davies Avatar

    That is a remarkably naive comment. No, a person would have cared about the deaths of other people if they were people in their monkeyspace. Otherwise, they wouldn’t care at all.

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