You Are Not Alone: Page 24

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Jericho: Oh…
Paper note: You are not alone!






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  1. Carl L Congdon Avatar
    Carl L Congdon

    Not at all disconcerting!

  2. Bhurano Avatar

    Not omnious at all… also, the whole Transcendence angle in the story is interesting. Wonder how THAT’s going to play out in the greater narrative now that Taint seems to be gone.

    Seems there are still enough reasons for the norms (and Talents and Psions really) to even go to war against the Aberrants/Novas. Anteus is certainly not leaving a good impression here. 🙂

    Not to mention that the Novas itself might make a mess with their powers or get delusions of grandeur… at least some of them. Hence Aberrants entering the stage of the whole wide world… in lockstep with some really, really shady human organizations that aren’t one iota better. Cause yeah, humans suck too at worst.

    But then again there might be the big goods or idealists on both sides trying to bridge the gap and make things work diplomatically. Although going by the Karroo excerpt… the Novas did seem to have left Earth overall. So yeah, the whole kumbayah didn’t work out in the end. Probably the whole power disparity…

    I love the themes of Aberrant so damn much and can’t wait to get my grabby little mittens on it. 🙂

    1. Chuck Dee Avatar
      Chuck Dee

      And in the end, that’s the power of the thing that they created. It’s so evocative that the ideas matter more than the system. I’ve not run a game in their system yet, and I have my doubts that this will change that. But I will consume the setting in another system because the ideas are so great!

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