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Antaeus (narrating): Team Tomorrow is a simple trick — a marketing and branding technique designed to message our benign intent — but we gather as one in service to all. We are novas. We are together, and we work for the betterment, in full view of the light. Other novas work in shadow. When deeds need to be done in darkness and tomorrow is too late. Many of our kind already work to dismantle what humanity has broken. One can only build a future once the wreckage of the past has been cleared. But there are also the Aberrants: those to whom the power is a grant of license. They are of the Teragen. Growing in number. Diminishing the rights and rule of humanity as they go.
Jericho: Right. And there’s you. None of the above.
Antaeus: No. I am Transcendent.






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  1. Joe Edge Avatar
    Joe Edge

    The Teragen sound ominous. Speaking as an Aberrant newb.

    1. Filipe Cunha Avatar
      Filipe Cunha

      They used to be terrorists in the previous edition, the ones who basically gave the Aberrants their fame…

    2. JetstreamGW Avatar

      In 1st edition the Teragen was a disparate coalition of groups brought together by a nova named Divis Mal. He was probably the most powerful nova in the world, and issued a “Null Manifesto” declaring that novas are distinct from humanity, should not be subject to the laws of humanity, and ought to govern themselves. Most people who fundamentally agreed with that tack joined the Teragen. Some of them were terrorists, some of them were political radicals, some of them were just people who agreed with Mal. There wasn’t really any structure to it, and all of them did their own thing unless Divis asked for their attention, usually.

      1. WuseMajor Avatar

        At some level I can understand and agree with the idea that Novas should govern themselves, but that’s more from a pragmatic point of view, since many Novas have enough personal power that only another Nova can actually force them to do anything.

        However, there needs to be an actual government or organizing body there, where appeals can be made and justice demonstrated, as opposed to a very loose cabal of like minded people.

        1. David Young Avatar
          David Young

          Counterpoint: It’s the nations of the world that are at best exploiting Novas to solve long-standing problems like crime and global pollution; at worst, they are secretly conducting horrifying medical and eugenic experiments on Novas and using them to fight proxy wars.

          Like many things from White Wolf, there’s few ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’ factions in Abberant. Really, your view on the Terrigen and Project Utopia depends on your leaning towards who is right: Magneto or Professor Xavier? Both have solid, logical points; both have extreme measures that can be distasteful.

  2. Mateus Luz Avatar
    Mateus Luz

    I guess the key factor that start the story this edition is not Sliders murder, but the blog post resulting from this interview…

    It’s getting good!

    1. Chad Avatar

      Based upon the way Antaeus is talking about Project Utopia (T2M) Slider’s death may still be a catalyzing event to come.

  3. HapticGoupil Avatar

    Yes, what about continuity ? is this edition a reboot or does it happen after first edition ?

    1. Ian A. A. Watson Avatar
      Ian A. A. Watson

      This edition is not part of 1e’s continuity. Originally, N-Day was in 1998 and the present was 10 years later in 2008. With this edition, N-Day was in 2018, and the present is in 2028.

  4. THE Donnie Avatar
    THE Donnie

    Can’t wait to see if the rest of the setting stuff is there such as the conspiracy against all novas. Will we also have things like the XWF?

    1. Eddy Webb Avatar
      Eddy Webb

      No XWF (since that’s now an existing wrestling federation), but we have ideas for wrestling in the Nova Age….

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