You Are Not Alone: Page 9

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Antaeus: I feel myself growing. In a literal and figurative sense. Evolving. And if you ask, "What am I?" Perhaps the answer is, "I am the sum of my capabilities." But I don't know the extent of my capabilities. Ergo, I don't know what I am.
Antaeus (narrating): I am the mangrove swamp, scrubbing the air of carbon. Growing in abundance. An antidote to the poison. I am the memory of the world that was, perhaps — the dream of what it should be. I am the arbiter of life. The growth of the new. The ecosystem that predates humans by millions of years and will live long after humans leave. And in the end, if humanity is a part of that system is of no consequence to me.






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  1. JimG Avatar

    On page 7, he claims transcendence above Teragen, but he starting to sound closer to them than Project Utopia. Scary.

    1. Eddy Webb Avatar

      Antaeus is a complicated character!

    2. David Young Avatar
      David Young

      Again, it’s not as simple as ‘Utopia Good, Teragen Evil’. Both factions do heroic things and horrifying things. You can have a campaign with the PC’s trying to rein in the excesses of the more visible Teragen member and work towards co-existence with humans, or you can have a campaign with the PC’s trying to expose the corruption within Project Utopia and ‘heal’ it; both are perfectly valid.

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