You Are Not Alone: Part 5

↓ Transcript
Antaeus: I understand my appearance can be disconcerting. There's something you are afraid to articulate. I felt this concern during our remote connection.
Jericho: Well, there's the whole telepathic communication thing, I guess. But to be frank, I'm not even sure why I'm here. You've turned down every major news outlet for years. I'm just a blogger who applied for an interview on a lark, and the next thing I know, here we are.
Antaeus: I suspect you already know the answer to your own question, Miss Jericho.
Jericho: Gillian.
Antaeus: Gillian, then. I would like to impose one rule for our interview, Gillian. Will that be acceptable?
Jericho: Depends what it is.
Antaeus: An indulgence. I'll answer each question with a question. For reasons I hope will become clear. Eventually, I will answer one of your questions directly. At that point, the interview is concluded. Do you accept?
Jericho: Yes.
Antaeus: Then you may begin.






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  1. Yiodan Avatar

    Color me intruigued!

    1. Philipp Avatar

      I invest a mote of Glamour to fill a bucket with intrigue colored paint.

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