[Danger Skies!] Preview 1

The streets of the Big Apple have always been a hard scrapple and no-nonsense place. If you can’t hang in New York City, well, frankly maybe it just ain’t for you. All this anxiety redoubled when the city has been thrown into darkness with the inception of a many days long eclipse. Thrown into the chaos with nothing they can do about it, while the fear of another war in Europe grows with each passing day, the city quickly finds itself at its breaking point! Will the Æon Society be able to save the day before the city so nice they named it twice tears itself apart?

TC: Adventure! art by Andy Hepworth

While investigating the reason for the eclipse and hunting down the Nazis hiding among city residents, the heroes must traverse the five boroughs of New York. Its streets, trains, planes, ports, and different boroughs are all tools. Heroes must assist allies in danger, and thwart Zorbo’s minions who would see his dastardly plans completed.

What follows are more Locations and Scenes to expand your adventure beyond the radio dramas, inspiring a network of new conflicts, powers, and vying factions. Characters native to the area understand just how ingrained the Æon Society is in New York City and might even know the locations of Enkidu’s Skyscraper (home of an ally with a penchant for techno-babble, p. XX) and The First and Last Kiss (a more dimly lit haunt where information and new enemies are easily garnered). Still more locations controlled by the NYPD and U.S. Army are readily available for exploration and cunning exploitation.

Scene: The Empire State Building

The tallest building in the world, with observation decks on the 80th, 86th, and 102nd floors of the skyscraper, has been closed to the public by the NYPD since the event started! Now, with fear everywhere, the famed building is under the control of the police (and therefore, the highest bidder). Will our heroes be able to peer over the clouds and see what’s truly going on up there? Can they use this high vantage point to discover the secrets of the mysterious Project Asgard?

The Empire State Building would have been a perfect place to watch the start of the eclipse and whatever caused it, but due to the bureaucracy interacting with multiple agencies and no one trusting each other to handle the crisis as well as they could, the New York Police Department has yet to release the tower or any witness testimonies from the day of the event.

Captain Michael Donovan of the 13th precinct, under orders from the Chief of Police, continues to maintain a cordon on the topmost floors of the skyscraper. None are allowed up without police consent and escort, and a few reporters, including The New York Daily Post’s Sarah Walsh, have already found themselves kicked out permanently and possibly face fines for attempting to sneak into the restricted areas.

Conflict and Discovery!

  • Observation Decks: Normally breathtaking views of the city appear strangely placid in the gloom of the eclipse, and all are ruined by the red and blue lights from regular patrols by police. A view of the Sky Citadel, looking like a dark sphere at this angle, is seen through a set of binoculars from the top.
  • NYPD Security Cordon: Stern-faced police question any who come close, always looking for witness statements of those there when the eclipse started. One distracted cop holds the keys to locked areas of the building and elevators.
  • The Tower: The elevators are shut down save for special circumstances, and even then, guards operate on every floor. The staircases are empty, however. Looks like it’s leg day!

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