Episode 183: Ack! Antagonists!

In which the trio talks about what makes a good arch-villain, and how to engage with them in TTRPGS.

  • On children’s books and their possible problems
  • Matthew has two tangents
  • We get pretty political for a few minutes
  • Major antagonists in TTRPGs
  • How to highlight antagonists
  • Seeding antagonists


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3 thoughts on “Episode 183: Ack! Antagonists!”

  1. I’ve designed a group of Antagonists to be a long runner in my Scion Campaign. I’ve taken the Titans of the Aesir and created a over arching organization and sub-groups under them dedicated to building up towards Ragnarok.

    To play against expectations of a racialist group, I’ve made them competent, militarily trained and emotional detached from what they are doing. In that they do not care for the human costs of what they are doing. And making emotional appeals to the hardline adherents is difficult at best.

    They’ve simply decided the world as it is has to go. And people are simply obstacles in the way. There are degrees among them that will not do certain things along the path, but that the end of the day, they feel they will get their. They have Faith.

    I worked hard to design something to scare the crap out of my players. Seems to have worked.


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