Episode 186: Decisions, Decisions

In which Dixie and Eddy talk about the process of deciding where and how to put various books on sale!

  • Matthew isn’t here. 🙁
  • Why tangents matter!
  • Some PoD context
  • Kickstarter process, including licensors.
  • Nostalgia sells
  • Diminishing returns
  • Preorders and manuscript previews
  • PoD quality (it’s good!)
  • DTRPG will help you!
  • Storage space
  • D&D (Deluxes and Digital)
  • Kickstarter fatigue and decisions
  • Expectations
  • Printing crisis


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1 thought on “Episode 186: Decisions, Decisions”

  1. Will we ever get flowable versions of the actual game books? EG mobi or epub? Something that’s a little easier to read on my cell phone…

    A question in response to an answer on a previous comment on a previous post… Regarding whether we’re getting new additions of beast and demon… So if it’s up to paradox to green light it or whatever, that still sounds it means like you guys have to ask, can’t tell if you’re asking. Since you just did mummy the second edition if memory serves correctly demon should be up next for another edition… To be honest I’d be happy with a polished to chronicles of darkness addition where the rules are synced up… As iirc some rules are actually out of date in the demon book (For a long time). Adding the analyst type to the core book. And maybe a chronicle / storybook? Like a fully fledged out adventure… Just some thoughts…


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