Episode Four: Yes Instead Of No

In which we interview Ian A. A. Watson, Creative Lead for the Trinity Continuum and Community Manager for Onyx Path!

  • Ian talks about his history with the Trinity Continuum pitch, through the CCP merger, and into the creation of Onyx Path
    • Ian’s love for the Trinity line goes back to 1997
  • Rabbit holes and why we love what we love
  • The dynamics of the Trinity design team, and how awesome Danielle Lauzon is
    • How the Storypath system came to be
    • How we reframe Storypath between Trinity and They Came
  • Reexamining how we do the development process, and how we are trying new things for Aberrant
  • Ian talks about his Community Manager role
  • What’s exciting about this new version of Trinity
    • Aegis! Anima! (Maybe)
  • Also, Assassin’s Creed
  • We answer some forum questions (did yours get answered? Listen to find out!)
  • Trinity as a pop culture toolbox
  • We talk about fonts! Fonts are cool!
  • Aberrant‘s diversity
  • Ian’s contributions to Vampire: Bloodlines
  • Trinity Backerkit: https://trinity-continuum-aeon-rpg.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
  • Special bonus at the end!






3 responses to “Episode Four: Yes Instead Of No”

  1. Ian A. A. Watson Avatar
    Ian A. A. Watson

    26:35 – Accidentally called Anima “Aegis,” but yes, I’m talking about Anima. Whoops.
    33:41 – When I briefly cut out here, I mentioned the Global Cartography Initiative (which I mention again a few sentences later).

  2. Iceblade44 Avatar

    That was good. Though was someone working while they were doing this, going by the sounds coming from a keyboard.

    1. Eddy Webb Avatar

      That might have been me, taking notes during the talk.