Grimoires! [Mage: The Awakening]

Welcome back, faithful readers!

Those paying attention to the Monday Meeting blogs may have noticed that Deviant: The Renegades, the design of which has been my constant companion through a year or more of suckitude, unemployment, sudden relocation, house flooding, illness, and gods laughing at me, is now in First Drafts. This means that while the Deviant team are off their starting blocks, I’m back to Mage and the off-hold-again Signs of Sorcery.

As I’m not at GenCon this year, I thought I’d mark the occasion by releasing another section of the book-once-more-in-progress. A glance at the Forums seems to indicate that “Grimoires: What’s their Deal?” is a popular topic, so – behold! From the pen of Changeling: The Lost Developer Meghan Fitzgerald, here’s the advanced Grimoire rules from SoS.

Signs of Sorcery Open Development – Grimoires

As ever, this hasn’t been passed to Onyx Path’s hardworking editorial team yet, so grammar and such has not been prettified. Enjoy.


And as for Deviant, if that’s your interest, expect a blog soon.







10 responses to “Grimoires! [Mage: The Awakening]”

  1. Nicolas Milioni Avatar
    Nicolas Milioni

    Thank You Man.

  2. Austin G Loomis Avatar

    a year or more of suckitude, unemployment, sudden relocation, house flooding, illness, and gods laughing at me,

    …oof. Yeah, the diminutive deities (may they break their collective leg) have been doing me a slow steady fuckaround, but it’s only involved the first two of those. (sends positive energy)

    the advanced Grimoire rules

    I’ve been rereading Grimoire of Grimoires recently (for in-character references on Leliel’s “Sir Night Compiles Night Horrors: Conquering Heroes” thread over at RPGNet), and it struck me that a lot of these techniques seem tailor-made to produce specific grimoires from that supplement. Was this intentional on Meghan’s part, do you know?

    And as for Deviant, if that’s your interest, expect a blog soon.

    Looking forward to it whenever it’s ready, but please don’t push yourself.

    1. Leliel Avatar

      Whoa, you read my series!?

      Thanks man.

      1. Austin G Loomis Avatar

        I don’t just read it — I’m AberrantEyes (player of Coppelia and P.G.). You’re welcome, and thank you for giving me such a cool chronicle to play in.

        (The reference I was going to make, which may or may not still happen, was to P.G. having either a vinyl copy of Dark Revolution, or a full set of The Last Days of Atlantis, in their hoard to offer some mage contact. I considered one or more volumes of The Ancient Lands Pentalogy, and in fact dug out the supplement to get reminded of their individual titles, but in the process got reminded that the manuscript-grimoires tend to seek out capable readers rather than staying in anyone’s collection for long.)

  3. Robert D Avatar
    Robert D

    Thanks for the sneak peek into Grimoires! 🙂 Looking forward to Signs of Sorcery and for the fist Deviant blog!

  4. Grunt Avatar

    Damn, 2016 really was a damn bad year from the sound of it. I hope things are turning around/will turn around soon.

    Cheers to your being back on Mage, since I really appreciate what you do with and where you are taking the gameline.

    I also really enjoy the grimoire spoiler, I like the idea of Mages scribing spells into astral grimoires, thats just full of potential storylines 😀

  5. Noneofyourbusiness Avatar

    Yay, this is the book I’ve been looking forward to the most!

  6. Nathan Avatar

    Thanks Dave,

    hope things are turning around for the better cant wait to see Signs come out, will be looking forward to Deviant to.

  7. ThomasM Avatar

    I sincerely hope that things get much better for you. A year like that is dreadful.

    Your writing is simply amazing! Thank you for giving me a firm idea of where to go with a Mage character.:)

  8. Thek Avatar

    Amazing writing by Meghan.

    And, Dave, I’m hoping that things are getting better for you. 🙂 2016 (and also 2017) have been though for many of us, unfortunately.