Halloween Specials!

Happy Halloween from Onyx Path!

Enjoy these Spooktacular deals:

The World Below Ashcan Edition is FREE for Halloween!

The World Below provides. But you must dig. You must explore. You must map. You must build. You must defend. 

The World Below provides, but only to the worthy. 

The unworthy fall, consumed by bugs, lava, acidic fog, the vagaries of Kaos, and the World Below’s convulsing tunnels.

The World Below is your home, your prison, and your alien world, containing terrible threats and wondrous discoveries.

The World Below Ashcan Edition is your introduction to The World Below.

The World Below Ashcan Edition includes:

  • A new game of subterranean fantasy, exploration and discovery, survival and horror, from Onyx Path Publishing.
  • Everything you need to get started, from major setting beats to playable characters and the Storypath Ultra rule system.
  • Powers, antagonists, and a complete scenario to get your game started immediately.
  • A major teaser of what’s to come in the full version of The World Below.

The World Below is currently crowdfunding on BackerKit! If you’d like to know what to expect, the Ashcan Edition is a fully-playable 50-page preview of the final product.

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