Happy 10th Anniversary DriveThru!

DriveThruRPGThis week marks DriveThruRPG’s 10th anniversary, so for the next ten days, they’ve got a lot of crazy sales to celebrate.


Ten games for $10! That’s only $1 a game!

  • Bundle 1 includes Adventure! as well as Spycraft, Wild Talents, and other great games. $150.42 worth of games for just $10!
  • Bundle 2 includes Wraith: The Oblivion on top of Buffy, Eclipse Phase, and more. $168.16 worth of games for just $10!


The comics bundle doesn’t have anything of ours in it, but it’s still got some great stuff, including I Sleep in Stone by Christopher Shy. $42.90 for $10!


The fiction bundle includes Year of the Scarab Book 1: Heralds of the Storm alongside Matt Forbeck’s Brave New World and other great titles.

Ten Years of Top Tens

Check out the 10 years of top 10s page to see which products were best-sellers for each year of DTRPG! There are a lot of White Wolf and Onyx Path properties on the list. For example, 2004‘s list included Malhavoc Press’ Beyond Countless Doorways, Book of Iron Might, and Arcana Unearthed; Necromancer Games’ City State of the Invincible Overlord, and White Wolf’s Dark Ages: Fae, Exalted: The Fair Folk, the World of Darkness Rulebook, and Vampire: The Requiem. Eight out of the top 10 isn’t bad at all.






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  1. Quinn Y Avatar
    Quinn Y

    They should have put all the new Technocracy Convention book in a $10 bundle.