Massive Chronicles of Darkness Sale On Now!

Following up on the success of last week’s huge World of Darkness sale, now DriveThruRPG is running an incredible sale on the cornerstones of the Chronicles of Darkness: get 75% off every PDF from Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, and Mage: The Awakening, from both editions!

Get in on the Storytelling Sale now; it only runs for ten days!

This sale covers everything released by White Wolf and Onyx Path from Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage, stretching as far back as 2004’s Vampire 1st Edition and as recently as 2018’s releases, like Half-Damned. That’s over 150 different items!

Quoth the raven: what a savings!




7 responses to “Massive Chronicles of Darkness Sale On Now!”

  1. TGUEIROS Avatar


    Why were Demon and Beast left out?


    1. Jonathan Lang Avatar
      Jonathan Lang

      For the same reason that Promethean, Channeling, Hunter, Geist, and Mummy were left out, I’m guessing. This is strictly Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage.

      1. Jonathan Lang Avatar
        Jonathan Lang

        Frankly, the surprise for me is that this sale is missing the Blue Books: Chronicles of Darkness core rules, Second Sight, Armory, Chicago, Shadows of Mexico, Shadows of the United Kingdom, Antagonists, Mysterious Places, Skinchangers, Ghost Stories, Glimpses of the Unknown, Midnight Roads, God-Machine Chronicle, Dark Eras, Mirrors, Asylum, Dogs of War, Takes from the 13th Precinct, Armory Reloaded, Book of Spirits, Changing Breeds, Immortals, Inferno, Innocents, Reliquary, Urban Legends. (Also technically Slasher; but in practice, Slasher was a Hunter supplement.)

    2. richt Avatar

      Because we hate those games, and by extension those who love them. ? Or, the truth, which is that the sale and the previous one were specifically for the first three game lines because we do all sorts of sales throughout the year and these are the ones we’re doing this time.

      1. TGUEIROS Avatar

        Thanks for the reply!

        I didn’t read the post right, and didn’t notice that it was limited to certain lines.

        I just saw CofD Sale and thought:

        Great! Gonna buy Beast and Demon ST Guide. And then saw they didn’t have discounts.

        Already have all books for the on sale lines.

  2. Jonathan Lang Avatar
    Jonathan Lang

    Predators doesn’t have the discount. Likewise with Lodges: the Splintered

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