We’re going TikTok wild in the month of December, it seems, as lots of people have been making short videos about a whole variety of Onyx Path games!

This week’s media blog is therefore entirely dedicated to those TikTokers we’ve found so far, but if you’re not on the list, do not despair! Comment in the section below or share your content with us on Twitter or Discord so we can share and promote it!

On with the spotlight!

missingxlondon starts a multi-part Hunter: The Vigil tale via TikTok:

chronicbrainpain has fun with Legendlore:

the_vampire_interpreter crosses X-Men with Aberrant

itselisecatibog makes a Squeaks in the Deep focused TikTok:

radiofreewill takes They Came from Beneath the Sea! to Springfield:

cjstarry shows us with Scion how TTRPGs give us the power to be anyone:

laurenkwm1256 wants to play more than just D&D and turns to our games:

isobelstarling shows us how to act when you hear our game names mentioned in public:

And there’s a lot more out there too, some by these creators, others by others!

As stated above, please notify us if you make any short videos about our games. They’re easy to make and very easy for us to share, so go ahead!


We’re on the lookout for new shows of the following types:

  • TikToks and other short media covering our games
  • Deep Dives into our various games
  • Character Creation streaming sessions
  • Actual Plays of any of our games
  • Reviews of our games
  • Interviews with writers, artists, developers at Onyx Path Publishing

And more! If there’s content you’d like to produce on stream, we can help you out with the software you’ll need to use, may be able to assist with your creation of an overlay, and if you can commit to a good amount of content, we can get you PDFs to assist in your game features.

Therefore, if appearing on the Onyx Path Twitch channel and YouTube channel appeals to you, please complete this form: The Form