Mirthful Mike’s Art Blog: Mage 20th Anniversary Preview #1


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Mirthful Mike’s Art Blog, your one stop source for art previews from upcoming Onyx Path releases (and beard grooming tips).

For our first installment, I wanted to go with something from the upcoming Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition and I figure why not start with something really awesome from Steve Prescott.


To the right you’ll see the Hollow One’s splat from the Disparates section. This piece is just one of eleven splats Steve did for Mage 20 and each of those are just as kick ass as this one. You can also check out the Steve’s pencil sketch to the lower left and get an idea of the evolution of the piece from the sketch phase to the finish phase.

Next week, I’ll be posting up another piece from Mage 20. Will it be another splat piece? Will it be one of the many new color pieces from classic Mage artists? You’ll have to check by next week to find out.


31 thoughts on “Mirthful Mike’s Art Blog: Mage 20th Anniversary Preview #1”

  1. … Not really excited about that one.
    The pencil, “looks like written by Neil Gaiman” look from their revised Convention Book fit them much better than poser-lolita-goth. (Seriously, this is an outfit goths wear to outings like the WGT or M’era Luna, not on a daily basis, and not even on every club-visit.)

    • I second that…theres nothing to be excited about this. I mean its childish, corny, kinky and waaayyy too animéish for Mage…Very disapointing the game is too serious and important for something cheezy like that it doesn’t represent the genre well at all.

    • Yes, many of them are. That’s not Penny, though. Penny’s not Asian.

      She’s being featured as one of the full-page art images, though.

  2. This is amazing. Not only can I not wait for the writing to be done, I can’t wait for more of these pictures to be released.

    Good Job guys.

  3. Is it not? I can even recognise that parasol for its pronounced use among UK and Germany goth kids nowadays, Rika.

    I truly think this is a great piece.

    • *psst* That’s because it is. 😉 His pieces in W20 were digitally colored as well.
      Not only does it mean that it’s easier to make “camera ready” (because, it’s already ready for placing into the book), but it makes editing and finishing easier. PLUS there’s no shipping/photography/plates and the likes to deal with. It’s a digital world, man. 😀
      Things have changed since the 90s… Mage has color interiors now too. Progress! 😀
      (Ron Spencer still does all of his stuff in traditional media though.)

  4. “OH, NO! That doesn’t look like what I was expecting, nor what I’m used to around me, so it can’t be right! Change it!”… Hah!
    I am amused that in a game/setting about individuals who break the “conventions” of the world and walk their own paths against the wills of the population around them… that there are folks who think that they know how a character should look in this book. So keep the 90s and 2000s, and international influences, please. Keep this book global and epic. 😀
    Prescott did great splat work for W20, so it’s cool to see that he’s both able and willing to do the whole shabang again. (It could just be difficult to find someone reliable who can do a megaton of pieces on time, as well as keep the quality up as well!)

    I think you mentioned the artist who’s doing the chapter dividers somewhere earlier (On Facebook, or maybe in a panel at a convention?) I forget who it was. :-/

    I look forward to more pieces from M20. Keep them coming! MOAR ART!
    (Oh, and don’t forget to throw in some Ron Spencer for flavor. 😀 )

  5. I think it’s okay and certainly a lot better than Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary splat artwork. Hopefully we will be seeing the classic pieces from Christopher Shy in the M20 book.


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