New release: Demon: The Descent Quickstart

118271We had a few preview copies of the Demon: the Descent Quickstart at Gen Con Indy last week for folks to check out, now you can download the full PDF at!

I was an angel. 

I wasn’t an angel of vengeance, or an angel of mercy, or even an angel of death. I was an angel of the Machine. I came to Earth wrapped in a Cover that the Machine provided, and I served. Service didn’t make me happy, but it made me what I was. An angel. 

But then I stopped serving. Why? It’s complicated. You were involved. That’s all I’ll say for now. 

I stopped serving, and when I did, I Fell. And what does that make me? 

This Quickstart contains all you need to experience a one session game of Demon: The Descent, including a primer on the World of Darkness rules, four characters ready to pick up and play, and a complete scenario, Honey and Vinegar.






11 responses to “New release: Demon: The Descent Quickstart”

  1. Kris Avatar

    Will there be a POD version of this?

    1. IanW Avatar

      Given the size, probably not.

      1. Kris Avatar

        Damn. Guess I’ll just have to wait to start collecting my NWoD demon paraphernalia~

      2. Kris Avatar


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  3. Tilting Clock Avatar
    Tilting Clock

    The wording in this is gorgeous! Everything from the description of an Angelic Cover mutating and coming alive as a Demonic one to the explanation of a Demon’s quantum brain as part of their lying ability makes this setting feel alive even in this quickstart.

  4. Black Dog Avatar
    Black Dog

    Truly a fantastic read! Hopefullythere will be a physical copy of the”God Machine Chronicle” in the Kickstarter rewards. I’m kinda old fashoned, I hate pdfs…

    1. IanW Avatar

      All relevant GMC rules will be reprinted in Demon, so owning GMC separately is not strictly necessary.

      In any case, GMC can be bought in print from DriveThruRPG.

      1. William Avatar

        So the basic rules (with GMC updates) will be printed in the actual book. Is there a good reason still to get the God Machine Chronicle. For the backstory of course, but for the mechanical stand point. I’m talking about merits, additional rules etc. which will not be printed in the coming book.

        The same question can actually be addressed to all of the coming “chronicle lines” (Blood and Smoke, Fallen World, etc).

        1. BlackHat_Matt Avatar

          I don’t think the various Chronicle books are going to be “cookie-cutter.” That is, what’s in what might not reflect what’s in another, because they’ll use their page count in different ways.

          That said: We trimmed some stuff out of the GMC rules for inclusion in Demon; Merits that demons don’t use, the entire equipment section, that kind of thing. So there’s still some utility in the GMC beyond the (very awesome) backstory and chronicle tracks.

  5. Alex Avatar

    Hey – just read through the Szenario and Wonder …. How Seouls the Characters Figure out Quarums Bane? Do i miss something?