New Release: Skinner SAS


A flayed body is found in a landfill. This is no cadaver of a helpless victim, though — the corpse is Garou. The People remember. A man killed werewolves, taking their skins. A blasphemous rite bound the skins of Garou to the body of a Kinfolk, creating a new werewolf. A Skin Dancer.

The Skinner is dead, though. Samuel Haight tried for too much power and was obliterated forever. The children of his legacy are few and outnumbered. They wouldn’t be so bold as to invite the wrath of the Garou Nation. They’re not as driven as Haight was, and he’s dead and gone.

Isn’t he?

The Skinner is Storytelling Adventure System product for use with Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition, and is the story of the return of Sam Haight- figuratively at least, unless the players fail to prevent it from becoming something else. Not only does this book include all that you need to run the adventure, it also incorporates fan response to the demos run at Atlanta By Night in 2012 by The Wrecking Crew demo team.

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3 responses to “New Release: Skinner SAS”

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  2. Ryan Faricelli Avatar

    The Skinner pdf is up for sale on Drive Thru. When will Kickstarter backers have access to their free copy for download?

    1. IanW Avatar

      I don’t manage the Kickstarters, so I have no idea. Contact Rich via the Kickstarter (the big blue “Ask a Question” button at the bottom). The best place for Kickstarter-related questions is always Kickstarter.

      Given comments made elsewhere, I was under the impression backers had already seen it.