Now Available: Dead Man’s Rust

Now available in PDF and print: Dead Man’s Rust for Scarred Lands!

Death in the Forest of Blood

At the Night of Chronicles in the city of Leoni, the adventurers enjoy a wild revel. Opportunity arises when the aging bard Dradoki Bronzeleaf hires the party to escort him to the Broadreach Horizon. The perilous voyage takes the group through titanspawn-infested lands, but should they survive, they arrive at the last bastion of uncorrupted wood in the Hornsaw Forest. There they meet the clans of the Broadreach elves and a century of hollow legionnaires dispatched to the Forest of Blood to offer aid and friendship.

But a dark shadow looms over the accursed wood. The necromancers of Glivid-Autel sew corruption and death throughout the Hornsaw Forest. Legionnaires, elves, and dwarves go missing. A horrific infection appears, seeming to target the legionnaires. The people of Broadreach call upon the adventurers to stand against these foul machinations that threaten peace, prosperity, and life itself across central Ghelspad. The party may find allies in the Broadreach Horizon, the Gleaming Valley, and perhaps even the bloody canopies of the Hornsaw Forest, if they are brave enough to answer the call to adventure!

Dead Man’s Rust contains:

  • A complete campaign taking characters from level 1 to 10
  • Detailed write-ups of four major locations in central Ghelspad: the Broadreach Horizon, The Gleaming Valley, the Hornsaw Forest, and the necromancer’s stronghold of Glivid-Autel 
  • New playable options including races, subraces, and subclasses
  • New monsters, magic items, and more!

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