Now Available: Devoted Companion, plus Scarred Lands VTT!

Now available in PDF and print-on-demand via DriveThruRPG: The Devoted Companion for Deviant: The Renegades!

In the eyes of the Renegades, every conspiracy is a tightly managed organization comprised of faceless human monsters willing to commit any atrocity to advance its malevolent agenda. It is an oppressive structure bent on dominance through transgression. The Devoted are its brainwashed zealots and lab rats, its muscle and middle-managers, its magnum opuses and messiahs. Whether they do so blindly or knowingly, willingly or under protest, the Remade agents of the conspiracy have surrendered their humanity in the service of evil masters.

For those within it, though, the Web of Pain is not so monolithic. Conspiracies distinguish themselves from one another by their goals and methodologies. Some pursue knowledge and power at all costs, but others are motivated by higher ideals, for all that they must make hard choices in the pursuit of them. Within each conspiracy, individual personalities compete against one another for limited resources to further personal agendas — whether selfish, destructive, or altruistic.

As loyal servants of their conspiracy and executors of its will, the Devoted occupy important positions within the Web of Pain. Their abilities alone make them a valuable, often irreplaceable, resource. They are single-minded and doctrinaire in their pursuit of the organization’s Principles in a way selfish Baseline agents cannot match. An ambitious Deviant who earns a reputation for competence can attain a position of considerable influence within the conspiracy — or even become its master if she is ruthless enough. Who would dare oppose her then?

This book contains:

  • Expanded conspiracy mechanics, including guidance on conspiracy actions, Nodes, Icons, and Projects, as well as conspiracy advancement rules and the introduction of Privileges — Merit-like benefits that flow from a conspiracy’s Structural and Hierarchical Nodes.
  • New Merits, Forms, Variations, and Scars especially appropriate for Devoted characters, together with systems for working within a conspiracy — whether as a Linchpin or in another role.
  • Storytelling advice for Devoted chronicles, complete with additional storytelling axes and common narratives focused on the travails of a conspiracy’s most loyal agents.

Also available:

  • Scarred Lands: Blood Sea Tokens and Maps (roll20)
  • Scarred Lands: The Wise & The Wicked Tokens (roll20)

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4 responses to “Now Available: Devoted Companion, plus Scarred Lands VTT!”

  1. Phil H Avatar
    Phil H

    It doesn’t look like the updated “final” version of the Devoted Companion has been added to Drivethru. The version on there is still the pre-errata backer version complete with all its glorious pg XXs.

    1. Phil H Avatar
      Phil H

      Never mind me. Looks like the new version has been uploaded now.

    2. richt Avatar

      Actual final PDF re-uploaded. Should be OK now – the PoD was always OK, no worries there.

  2. Alain Giorla Avatar
    Alain Giorla

    Are there any plan to release the Scarred Lands VTT tokens on DriveThru by any chance? I found the Blood Sea ones but it seems the Wise & the Wicked one is not available as far as I can tell