Now Available: Many-Faced Strangers in print!

Now available in print on demand from DriveThruRPG: Many-Faced Strangers for Exalted 3rd Edition!

In the forests of the Northeast, the Lunars under Tayan Silver-Crowned’s command assault the Realm’s far-flung satrapies. On the slopes of Mount Namas, two esteemed shahan-yas bitterly debate their course of action toward the expanding Prasadi empire. The elder Sublime Danger combs the Scavenger Lands for worthwhile opponents. And on the Caul, Sha’a Oka and his generals gather their forces, determined to drive the Dragon-Blooded from the last of the shrine cities.

Many-Faced Strangers details life among the Shadow Fang Vanguard, an authoritarian organization that split from — and occasionally finds its goals at odds with — the Silver Pact; describes Mount Namas and the expanding rift between its Lunar caretakers; expands upon the storied hero Sublime Danger; and introduces several gods and spirit courts of Luna.

This book also contains new Lunar Charms, artifacts, and Quick Characters. Finally, it outlines the War for the Caul, including a playable scenario.

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