Now Available: Once and Future in print!

Now available in PDF and print via DriveThruRPG: Once and Future for Scion 2nd Edition!

The Pendragon’s Mantle lies incomplete, an unfinished story waiting for the right Scion to fill the role.

Will you complete Arthur’s legend?

Or are you doomed to fail, like so many others?

Once and Future supplements Origin through Demigod play, discussing the power of Mantles and the threat of failure that leaves behind unfinished legends.

Once and Future contains:

  • Brand-new Welsh pantheon: the Plant Dôn
  • Storyguiding advice for running Arthurian-themed campaigns at all three levels of play
  • New rules for playing historical games
  • Three adventures at each level of play, meant to be enjoyed in a sequence or slotted independently into ongoing Scion Second Edition games

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