Now Available: Trinity Continuum: Anima

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Trinity Continuum: Anima!

“… Every Glass optic and neural interface comes with the premiere, world-class video game Terra Surge! Form raiding parties to work through epic storylines, challenging quests, and immersive puzzles never-before-seen in this award-winning game! And Cascade will keep you safe while you play! Our protective barrier is of the latest design and manned 24/7 by the best and bravest of the FSA. Cascade: Tomorrow’s home, today!”

— FSA propaganda, Cascade Introductory Packet (Second-Class)

2084. After the Aberrant War of the 2060s, there was The Crash, plunging parts of the world into a dystopian cyberpunk future. Cities were built up after the horrors of The Crash, but people still flock to fantasy entertainment to forget the troubles of the world outside, using a brain implant known as “Glass.” The number one fantasy MMORPG — Terra Surge — uses Glass to make the most immersive and exciting gaming experience available on the market, but top players end up missing or dead under mysterious circumstances. Players like you.

In Trinity Continuum: Anima, characters try to get by while staving off attacks from enemies both physical and virtual. Anima gives players the chance to enter both the dangerous world of corporate espionage, while also delving deep into the virtual world’s mysteries. Between the two exist a myriad of deadly secrets meant to be left buried.

Some highlights of Trinity Continuum: Anima include:

  • Details on Glass, cybernetics, and how Talents fit into the world of 2084.
  • Exploration of Cascade, a brand-new city created in the ashes of war.
  • Complete ruleset on portraying a massive video game at your table.
  • Storyguide advice on how to run Anima in both the cyberpunk and LitRPG genres.

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Crowdfunding Update

Abyssals: Sworn to the Grave for Exalted 3rd Edition launched on Indiegogo one month ago, and wraps up in just under two days! We funded in just 22 minutes! We’re currently sitting at $142,552, or 475% of our $30,000 funding goal, thanks to our 1581 backers!

We’ve hit the following stretch goals:

  • Abyssals Companion x11: New Underworld locales x2, Underworld map, new Abyssal Charms x2, more Necromancy, Ghosts, Abyssal Quick Characters, Storytelling section, Deathlord Quick Characters, new Soulsteel artifacts
  • Underworld map on RedBubble
  • Abyssals backer shirt
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