OPP10: Exalted Month, Part 1: Solars

2022 is Onyx Path’s tenth anniversary, so every month this year, we’re celebrating a different game line!

April is Exalted month.

For the first half of the month, Solar Exalted PDFs from the Exalted 3rd Edition game line are on sale for 10% of their original prices, for our 10th anniversary. That means it’s 90% off!

The sale includes the Exalted 3rd Edition Rulebook, Exalted 3e Storyteller’s Screen, Arms of the Chosen, Exalted 3e Charm Cards Set 1, Exalted 3e Charm Cards Set 2, Exalted 3e Charm Cards Set 3, Exalted 3e desktop wallpapers, Map of Creation poster, Hundred Devils Night Parade, Miracles of the Solar Exalted, and the Tomb of Dreams Jumpstart.

Additionally, for the remainder of the month, our partners at Indie Press Revolution are offering 50% off physical Exalted core rulebooks and ST screens!



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5 responses to “OPP10: Exalted Month, Part 1: Solars”

  1. Corey Reynolds Avatar
    Corey Reynolds

    I wish there were $1000 more worth of books to pay full price for!

  2. Samuraimujuru Avatar

    But I already HAVE all the Exalted! ?

    1. Samuraimujuru Avatar

      …that question mark was supposed to be a laughing emoji. Note to self, emojis don’t work

  3. Nicolas Milioni Avatar
    Nicolas Milioni


  4. Crazyivanuk Avatar

    This is Great, Just started a trip down memory lane with the 1st ed with my group. will pick these up thanks.